Meet the Team

Dr Inderjit Dadiala

Founder, Principle Dentist

As the first Indo-Canadian female dentist in Lower Mainland, it was a dream to open Rainbow Dental Centre with a purpose to serve the community. Forward 30-years, the passion I had then has not left me, as I am still as committed to providing the highest level of dental care in a family-focused environment. Over the years, I have crafted a team of passionate experts and have incorporated some of the advanced dental technology and techniques into my practice. I am proud to have built a compassionate and friendly reputation by getting to know my patients personally, whom in return, now regard me as Dr. D!

Founder, Principle Dentist

Many people know me as a spiritual and down-to-earth person who strongly believes in giving back to the community. I have had the opportunity to serve my community in ways outside the clinic. I have acted as the spokesperson for the College of Dental Surgeons, educating and creating awareness of dental health within the community. I actively host educational seminars at senior centers, elementary schools and periodic dental camps, advocating the importance of oral hygiene. I have also participated in live radio shows, answering dental related questions on air. My passion and dedication to dentistry is recognized and I’m honoured to be featured regularly across television, radio, and print magazines. Recently, I have shared my expertise in the role of a Clinical Instructor with the Dental Program at the University of British Columbia. Staying current and connected to my community brings me much joy!

Founder, Principle Dentist

I believe that the joy our dental clinic receives, lies in getting to know our patients well and developing a trusting bond. This allows our team to successfully treat patients concerns. Continuing education and understanding of technological advancements is vital to our clinic’s success and the treatment of our patients. I am on top of new developments in the field so that I am able to offer patients the best dental care available. My clinic practices with a proactive and holistic approach to best serve our patients. Until my passion dies, I will continue to provide an environment that grows healthy, beautiful smiles!


Certified Dental Assistant
With over 30 years working in the dental industry, out of which 27 years were with the team at Rainbow Dental Centre, I feel right at home! At our clinic, we’ve been fortunate to care for families for over decades, and see their children grow into young adults. Our team is passionate about dentistry, and over the years, we have developed processes that help our clinic provide outstanding care for our patients. We do our best to comfort our patients and share empathy and humor to ease their nerves and concerns. I find true joy in the ability to converse with patients and getting to know them and their families. Outside of the clinic, I enjoy listening to music, dancing or enjoying a glass of wine.


Certified Dental Assistant
I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Rainbow Dental team for nearly 10 years as a Certified Dental Assistant. From a young age, the first thing I would notice about someone was their teeth. Because of this, I pursued a career in dentistry to help others achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Our team prides itself in providing a delightful experience to patients by ensuring they feel special and cared for. The Rainbow Dental clinic offers an ethical, friendly and professional environment, that I am proud to be apart of. I’m always excited to brighten a patient’s day and smile!


Dental Hygienist
My experience as a dental hygienist spans across 8 years, and it is a dream to work with the team at Rainbow Dental Centre. The best part is seeing people’s reactions to their smile or when they return for their next “floss”. Our team is truly a family that strives to provide a positive, relaxing and friendly experience. To ensure our patients feel comfortable and at ease, we take the time to customize the treatment to their needs and thoroughly walk them through each step. We pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of quality care and education. When I’m not in the clinic, I’m enjoying time with me family and participating in creative outlets.