Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring in with me for my first appointment?

It is important for Dr. Dadiala to be aware of any medication or changes in your health. Please bring in your care card number and the list of medications that you have been prescribed. Once added to your record, you would not need to bring again, unless medication changes.

At Rainbow Dental Centre, we accept the assignment. This means we will submit the paperwork on your behalf to collect the payment from your insurance company. Patients with dental coverage should provide their dental information over the phone to ensure valid coverage before coming in. Our staff will happily help you identify the correct numbers needed for us to retrieve the information from your insurance company. Patients are required by law to pay for the co-payment if your plan does not pay at 100%.

Are there any payment plan options?

The payment plan option offered at our office allows patients to deposit amounts of money to their account for their treatment. Upon completion of treatment, the balance needs to be cleared. Most of our patients provide credit card numbers that we keep on file and charge a sum once a month to help them reach their financial goal in order to complete pending or future dental treatment. These numbers can be discreetly discarded and any deposits can be refunded if a patient chooses to change payment type or if treatment is no longer needed.

Do you accept dental insurance plans?

Yes, we accept dental plans, and as a service to our patients with insurance coverage, we will submit claims directly to your dental insurance company. However, payment of the patient portion for treatment is required at the completion of each appointment. It is also legally required that the patient should pay their portion for treatment. Should payment not be received from the insurance company for any reason, the balance owing will be the patient’s responsibility.

Please note that your insurance policy is an agreement between you and the company providing the benefits. Please also understand that we deal with perhaps many insurance companies, each with different insurance plan variations. As such, it is impossible for us to understand the ins and outs of each and every plan. It is the patient’s responsibility to understand the limitations of their own plan. Many insurance companies will not even provide us with information concerning patient’s dental insurance. They too are putting the onus on patients to understand their own coverage.

When you visit the dentist, it’s the dentist’s role to make a treatment plan based on your oral health needs. Your needs may be different from what is covered by your dental plan. It is your right to decide whether or not to go ahead with any treatment. You should not decide based on what your plan covers.

What is the cancellation policy?

We require 48-hour notice for any cancellations in order to avoid the $50 cancellation fee.

I am switching dentist – how can I get my file transferred?

Patients can provide us with their current or old dentist name and number and we can ask for the required information to be transferred. Many offices have e-mail so the information can be sent over much quicker. It is important to mention if there is a dental plan involved and when you last saw your dentist as sometimes plans will not pay twice for the same service in a short time period.

How quick can I get an appointment?

Same day appointments are available for emergency procedures. For cleaning or other dental treatment, same day or next day appointments are usually available also. Popular days and times may be more booked but you can always request to be put on a cancellation list for your preferred time.